A la carte


Tuna salad

Mixed salad with tuna

5,80 €
Salad with goat’s cheese

Goat’s cheese from the oven dressed with honey on a bed of salad

8,25 €
Chef’s salad

Mixed salad with bacon, nuts and croutons

6,25 €
Dutch tapas

Selection of typical Dutch deep fried snacks

5,95 €
Chicken cocktail

Pieces of chicken cooked in stock with soft fruit, dressed with a mild curry sauce

6,25 €
Crêpe with salmon

Salmon and spinach wrapped in a crêpe with a blue cheese sauce

7,25 €
Beef carpaccio

Thinly sliced (raw) beef with pine nuts. Parmesan and pesto dressing

8,75 €
Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon with onions and capers, served with toast

8,15 €
Warm brie cheese

Fried brie cheese with a crispy breadcrumb coating accompanied by 2 sweet sauces

5,75 €
King prawns

King prawns fried in garlic butter and flambéed with Pernod

9,75 €
Fish soup

Creamy soup with a rich helping of fish

6,35 €
French onion soup

Onion soup as the French make it with gratinated bread

4,30 €
Tomato soup

Traditional, but very nice

2,95 €

Main courses

Chicken delight

Pieces of chicken with fresh herb cheese and cashew nuts

11,75 €
Chicken with mango chutney

Breast of chicken with a sweet and sour mango chutney

9,80 €
Mixed grill

Grilled steak, chicken, pork and sausage, served with 3 different cold sauces

14,75 €
Fillet steak 200 gram
16,50 €
Fillet steak 300 gram
21,50 €
Rump steak
11,25 €
Sirloin steak 250 gram
12,95 €

Pepper, blue cheese or mushroom sauce

1,50 €
Por Qué No? Special

Pieces of fillet steak with mushrooms, bacon, sweet pepper, onion and a dash of crème fraîche

17,45 €
Fillet of lamb

Tender fillets of lamb with a delicious honey&thyme sauce

16,35 €
Pork fillet medallions

Medallions of pork fillet served with an onion sauce

12,50 €
Escalope hunter style

A traditional breaded escalope served with a mushroom sauce ¨hunter style¨

9,75 €

Pieces of poached monkfish with a creamy leek sauce

16,20 €
Sole meuniere

For the gourmets amongst you: sole fried in real butter

17,25 €
Tuna steak

Slightly seared tuna steak with a sesame-soy dip

12,85 €
Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon steak accompanied by creamy pesto sauce

13,75 €
Bass fillet

Tasty fillet of fish with an exquisite mustard sauce

13,40 €
Vegetarian dish

Ask the waitress what we can offer you

9,50 €


Lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet with or without a dash of Vodka

3,50 €
Dame blanche

Vanilla ice cream served with homemade hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

4,75 €
Dessert Por Qué No?

A real Dutch treat: poffertjes (tiny pancakes) with butter, icing sugar and ice cream

5,15 €
Crêpes Suzette

3 small crêpes prepared in the traditional way with caramelised sugar, orange juice and flambéed with Grand Marnier, accompanied by a scoop of ice cream

5,95 €
Ebony & Ivory

Vanilla and walnut ice cream with Baileys

3,90 €

Waffle with hot cherries and ice cream

5,95 €

One scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and/or advocate

2,75 €
Apple pie

Warm apple pie served with ice cream and whipped cream

4,95 €
Different flavours of ice cream, per scoop

Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or walnut flavour

1,50 €
Chocolate mousse

For those who do not fancy ice cream, but do love chocolate

2,60 €